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Boudoir Info

I Believe.
I believe that every woman on this earth is beautiful.
I believe that society has clouded our perception.
I believe most women have forgotten,
and some are unaware of the beauty they possess.

I Believe EVERY woman deserves to
KNOW and FEEL they ARE beautiful.
Because I Believe in REAL beauty.

My name is Lloyd,
and that is the mission of my studio.

The photos on this website are of REAL women that all have something they are self conscious of. But they are ALL 100% fabulous! You don't have to be a model to KICK ASS in a boudoir session! Everyone thinks our website is full of models but really, it's full of real women of ALL ages and sizes, who often cannot believe they look so good. Check out the Before and After gallery to see the transformations!

Our clients expect truly unique, high end boudoir photography with service at a level above the professional standard. Our dramatic style has gained us international commissions all over. We have been hired by moms, wives, and career women as well as professional fitness competitors, runway and cover models, professional dancers, actresses, TV personalities, lingerie designers, European modeling agencies, and even former and current playboy models. We have taught advanced professional boudoir workshops as far away as the United Kingdom. Your photos will NOT look like everyone else's.

Your PRIVACY is of the utmost importance to us. Most of the boudoir work never makes it into our portfolio out of respect for your privacy. Only you decide who sees your fantastic boudoir photos, and only images approved by you are used on our website.

We are also one of a VERY few who are nationally accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) in Boudoir Photography, and an also a certified Master of Photography by the Master Photographers International, ensuring you a high level of quality and professional conduct.

Accredited for Excellence in Boudoir Photography by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) Certified as a Master Photographer by the Master Photographers International