I Believe
I believe that every woman on this earth is beautiful
I believe that society has clouded our perception
I believe most women have forgotten,
and some are unaware of the beauty they possess

I Believe EVERY woman deserves to
KNOW and FEEL they ARE beautiful

I believe that photography was meant to capture beauty
This has led me to develop a unique, distinguished style of photography
BUT at the end of the day, it's all because I Believe...

I Believe in REAL beauty


Nothing compares to photographing REAL women. These are the women who make the world go round. They work VERY hard for their friends, children, and families, often putting their own needs a step below. These are the women of inspiration. These are the people I believe in.

The photos on this gallery include women that are mothers (of up to four kids), over size 12, and over 40. All have some particular flaw they are self conscious of, but the women in our gallery are ALL 100% fabulous! You don't have to be a model to KICKASS in a boudoir session!

Our clients expect truly unique, high end boudoir photography with service at a level above the professional standard. Our dramatic style has gained us international commissions through seven countries. We have photographed moms, wives, and career women as well as professional fitness competitors, runway and cover models, professional burlesque dancers, actresses, TV hostess, lingerie designers, European modeling agencies, and even a former playboy model. We have taught advanced professional boudoir workshops as far away as the United Kingdom. Your photos will NOT look like everyone else's.

Your PRIVACY is of the utmost importance to us. Most of the boudoir work never makes it into our portfolio out of respect for your privacy. Only you decide who sees your fantastic boudoir photos and only images approved by you are used on our website.

We are also one of a VERY few who are nationally accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) in Boudoir Photography, ensuring you a high level of quality and professional conduct.


Before and After

A common misconception is that you need to look like a model to have great boudoir photos. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone is beautiful!

Click here to see our Before and After gallery!

We are always looking for brave souls to feature in our Before/After section. If you are interested in having before and after photos from your shoot appear here, please let me know! We will include a nice gift in exchange!



If you are ready for an award winning world renowned Boudoir experience:

Private Boudoir Sessions start at $575
Marathon Boudoir Sessions start at $375

Due to high Private Session demand, we currently have no marathon dates scheduled.

Expect elegant, top-notch photography for the MOST discerning of tastes.

For our many International inquiries:
American Boudoir Sessions start at $5800
Overseas Boudoir Sessions start at $8700

Contact us for more details!

Note: I always shoot with a female assistant present. This is not optional.


Contact us!

We love chatting!  We are Edmonton based but have been commissioned all over the world!


I do NOT ignore emails. If you have not heard from me within 48 hours, please call! Sometimes emails do not come through!

Our downtown studio is in the MacCosham Lofts building located at:

   Suite 201 - 10301 109 St NW

There is meter parking (free evenings and sundays), and free 30min parking on 103 Ave. There is also the Future Shop lot for those who like to take risks (but I claim no responsibility!)

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"LOVE the pics!! It was stepping outside the box for me so soon after having had the baby. It was one of the most comfortable shoots I have done."

"When I first saw the photos he took of me, I thought, "Who is that gorgeous woman?" after a double take, I realized it was me! I am a 42 year-old woman who received a life-saving kidney transplant 3 months before the shoot. I don't feel as pretty as I did when I was 25. However, Lloyd brought out a beauty in me that I rarely see. At the same time he didn't take away my character."

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW THE PHOTOS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG I look so goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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"Shooting boudoir pictures with Lloyd was an excellent decision and experience. I'm not too keen on shedding my clothes for a complete stranger, but Lloyd is so nice and so professional that I really didn't even blink an eye during the process. He gave me some helpful pointers throughout, and the results are truly remarkable! The photos are classy and eye-catching and I know that I (and my future husband) will enjoy them for years to come! I recommend Lloyd without hesitation."

"Lloyd was awesome from the pre-planning of the shoot right up until the end of it. Gave excellent feedback and direction which is awesome. No creep factor in the slightest. felt so comfortable it actually surprised me... I would recommend him to anyone and would love to shoot with him again!"

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"I felt I was treated with respect the entire time, which was balanced nicely with positive feedback on my "performance". I felt beautiful and sexy when he was shooting me, but never in an inappropriate way. The "creep-factor" was non-existent. I felt comfortable and respected. Lloyd managed to maintain a consistent level of professionalism while creating a fun shooting atmosphere."

"Despite my initial caution seeing less tasteful boudoir photographs from others, I couldnt be happier about the results! Lloyd's incredible gift of making people around him feel comfortable and relaxed is not only a worthy human quality, together with his distinct sense of modern female esthetic and perspective, it definately adds to the class and brilliance of his art."

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Handcrafted Italian Luxury Album

There is NO better way to enjoy your Boudoir Photos than a gorgeous book!

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The Boudoir
by Night and Day Photography